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Aubrey O' Day Dragged For Using Martin Luther King To Promote Onlyfans

It's no secret that whenever Martin Luther King's birthday comes around, there's always some bigoted hypocritical Republikkkan who will misconstrue his words while sitting on the front lines striking down every human right POCs have fought for.

Aubrey O Day is the latest in a long line of morons who opted to misuse MLK's words while promoting her overplasticized body on Onlyfans.

The former Danity Kane frontwoman, 39, took to Instagram Monday — on MLK Day — to share a 10-slide carousel in promotion of her OnlyFans page.

“‘Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.’ – Martin Luther King Jr.,” she wrote alongside the photos and videos, which showed her posing in revealing clothing and rubbing her exposed butt.

“This is disrespectful,” one of many critics commented beneath the upload, as another remarked, “This is NOT it sis. Show some respect. @aubreyoday.”

“When I look at these pics, Martin Luther Kings moving speeches from 1964 are exactly what I think of,” someone else sarcastically added, while a fourth dissenter wrote, “Please Do Not disrespect Dr King by using his words for the good of All mankind to drive traffic to your disgraceful, tasteless money-grabbing page?! ISWIS sis!”

Yet another netizen wondered, “It’s like…how can I love someone so much (Aubrey) but at the same time wanna tell her that this ain’t it.”

Others didn’t seem to mind O’Day’s use of the late civil rights activist’s words, as a few replied things like, “Fantastic Quote from Martin Luther King Jr.,” “Happy Martin Luther king Jr to you Aubrey baby and love you boo” and “Yes and that quote.”

The pictures showed the singer lying on a couch while sultrily modeling an all-beige outfit comprised of a bralette, low-rise cutout cargo pants and boots.

She also posted a viral snippet of Donald Trump’s ex-attorney Michael Cohen repeatedly saying “more” while being questioned in court.

The blond bombshell wrote atop the video, “How many times a day does @aubreyoday’s ONLYFANS have you pressed? ..and you don’t even have to testify.”

The clip was followed by a spoof of a breaking news segment focusing on close-up footage taken from under O’Day’s backside.

The songstress made sure her carousel included a portion of a past podcast interview in which she called cellphones “a f–king problem.”

“This is all controlled by somebody and something, and we are being fed specific messages daily,” she argued in the sit-down, noting that phones are “the only way that we make money anymore.”

She insisted that users have to “be able to find your identity” outside the device.

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