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Every time Glee alum and Broadway star Alex Newell releases a new song, the moment he opens up his mouth you know it’s going to be a bop. The vocal powerhouse has hit us with another hot new track entitled Mama Told Me, a future anthem for mother figures just in time for Mother’s Day, which is next month, BTW.

“My father died when I was six, so I was raised by my mom,” Newell said in a release. “I paid homage to what she did for me and what motherhood is – instilling positivity into a child no matter what age, sharing wisdom, nurturing them, comforting them. I also wanted to write an anthem for the house moms we have in the LGBTQ community, adoptive moms, and anyone who is a maternal figure and nurturer.”

When Newell sat down to co-write “Mama Told Me,” his second track of 2020, he had just finished his run starring on the Broadway show, Once Upon This Island. “I sang a song called, ‘Mama Will Provide’ [in several] shows a week and [when writing ‘Mama Told Me’] I was in this mindset of what motherhood is, what it should be, what it looks at,” Newell says. “I know that I have one of the strongest mothers, who raised me since I was six and all by herself. [I sing about] what that means and me not knowing what it’s going to feel like to bring a child into this world, but to be inspired by what motherhood is.”

With the releases of Boy, You Can Keep It and now Mama Told Me, Alex is definitely giving my queer ass my entire life with these bops. Hopefully this is the beginning of us hopefully getting a full length album from Alex sometime this year.

Check out the lyric video below..

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