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Video: Kylie Minogue - Padam Padam

After low quality versions of the song leaked online last week, Padam Padam, the first official single from international princess of pop Kylie Minogue's 16th album has officially premiered for the masses to hear.

The song, produced by Lostboy (Griff, Anne-Marie, Tiesto), encapsulates everything you love about this musical icon. From the euphoric vocals, to the ridiculously infectious chorus and the heart-thumping electronic drum beat - this is an instant Kylie classic.

The singer also took to Twitter on Thursday morning with the following message: 'My new album TENSION is available to pre-order now!

I love that Kylie is returning to the sound that her fans love, because I live for her doing dance music and exploring different sides of the genre.

However I am becoming sick and tired of this trend of songs lasting under four minutes. By the time the song is embedded in your brain and you get into it's nuances, the track is over. I'm also bummed that the tracklist only consists of 11 original cuts.

I'm excited for the new album, and Padam Padam is definitely a contender for song of the summer. However, as I stated before I'm just not a fan of short TikTok sized pop tracks.

Kylie's 16th album Tension drops on September 22.

Take a listen to Padam Padam and watch the music video, which was directed by Sophie Muller below...

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