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International pop superstar Kylie Minogue is back with an intergalactic dance track called Say Something, the first single from her 15th studio album Disco.

I’ve been watching a few of the interviews she’s been doing to promote the single, and she revealed to fans that the upcoming Sophie Muller-directed video will have a galactic disco vibe.

As for the album? “It’s pretty much a party,” Kylie revealed. “At this rate it might be a kitchen disco or lounge disco,” she added in reference to the COVID-19 crisis.

I’m going to need a couple of hundred more listens to fully process the genius of “Say Something,” It gives me All The Lovers vibes, but I don’t feel the single fully quite reaches that level. Vocally she sounds amazing, but I have a feeling the video will take the song to the next level.

You can pre-order Disco here

Take a listen to Say Something below…

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