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Mykki Blanco had dropped a brand new single “You Will Find It,” which features Venezuelan-American singer-song writer and visual artist Devendra Banhart.

“‘You Will Find It’ is a meditation,” Blanco recently told Rolling Stone. “I don’t believe that everything spiritual has to feel so heavy and serious; I feel the opposite, actually. If people associated prayer with laughter, if prayer was made to feel sensual and funny and bitchy and ordinary, then I think more people would be comfortable acknowledging some kind of personal divine connection. This song is about exploring that connection: I should be able to smoke a joint with God and just chill a bit.”

In their lyrics, Blanco name checks Lady Gaga and Alice Coltrane (plus Betty Rubble and Snow White) as they alternately mull deep existential questions and slip in a few clever clapbacks: “All Hail, her highness, La Dona Blanco,” Blanco spits, “I see some fakes, they got some needs/GoFundMe with your problems.”

Another interesting factor about the song: It was initially supposed to be an interlude for Mykki’s next album, but they and producer FaltyDL decided to expand on the piece and convert it into a full song.

Blanco has yet to offer any details on their next album, such as a release date or title. It will follow their 2016 debut LP, Mykki. In the meantime if you’re itching for more Blanco in the meantime, you can quench your thirst with a sumptuous string of singles they’re releasing as a separate EP project.

“There’s some fun tracks on the EP,” Blanco told Out. “You know what’s funny is, I remember Madonna actually told me, ‘That’s how you should always do it…. Release the album, tour for a year or however long you want… it takes two years to do it right….’ It’s like, when Madonna gives you album campaign advice, you listen.”

Take a listen to You Will Find It below…

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