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So I just finished listening to the long-awaited Fischerspooner album and it is absolutely phenomenal. At a time where gay artists are being subtle about their sexuality in their songs and videos, and we have the current administration challenging queer rights, lead singer Casey Spooner has been quite progressive in regards to the songs and videos from SIR as unapologetically queer.

Casey Spooner

With the three albums the electro art-pop duo have put out for almost two decades, SIR truly captures the sound I have always felt the band was capable of acquiring – gritty rock with a dash of electronic flourishes and sleazy synths. SIR is hands-down the comeback album I didn’t think I needed.

Kudos for getting Michael Stipe (who used to date Spooner) to co-write and produce the album, with additional production work from Boots (Beyonce, FKA Twigs), and Caroline Polachek, who’s 2019 album Pang I am currently obsessed with, I feel Stipe’s keen sense of melody helps marry the dark pop that plagues the album.

I particularly love Casey being open about random hookups on Grindr, especially on one of my favorite songs Discreet, and if you’ve ever hooked up on a hook up app, the lyrics basically write themselves: “Sup? / Sup / Hi / Hi / Hello / Hello / Hey / Looking? / Looking? / Looking? / Looking? / Tell me what you’re into“. Then, soberingly self-destructive, “I could be a thing / I could be your thing.”

Overall it’s a solid album, and I would definitely love to see them live. Unfortunately, the duo announced their breakup in December, 2019, so that’s not happening.

I give it a three-and-a-half out of five fan pops.

Must Download: Discreet, Have Fun Tonight, Strut, Everything Is Just Alright, I Need Love, Try Again (Feat. Andy LeMaster)

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