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Azealia Banks Shades Doja Cat's New Single, Calls It Boring

Doja Cat just released her new single Attention, and it didn't take long before former rapper turned professional internet troll and Doja nemesis Azealia Banks had a lot to say about it.

The 212 musician feels that Doja's new single is boring, and that she's going through some type of identity crisis.

“I really be wanting to like Doja’s music but it’s all just sooo try hard,” she said on Instagram Friday (June 16). “Her first album was actually cool as hell,” she said before later calling the 2018 ‘Amala‘ album Doja’s “own authentic art voice.”

This comes a month after Doja called Hot Pink and Planet Her 'mediocre pop music.' which is strange considering she sat in the sudio and concocted such mediocrity to the point that her fans, who in my opinion she's taking for granted ate it all up.

Here's what Azealia had to say about Doja's latest single

“It’s not giving that pissy stairwell / bacon egg and cheese / vanilla Dutch nyc energy she’s reaching for,” Banks said, suggesting Doja “sounds like a white girl that grew up in a house.”

Oh wait, there's more!

“Her approach to trying to conceptualize an authentic rap record is giving angel haze NYC WANNABE levels of boring rippity rap/ cheesy soho whiteboy hypebeast circa ’06,” Azealia relayed. “She’s giving me those weird fka twigs biracial girl identity crisis vibes.” she claims.

I'm not gonna hold you, but Azealia's shady observation did make me cackle. The song is cute, but not lead single material.

While I do feel that artists should be able to show versatility in their music and experiment with their sound, I don't get any kind of authenticity from Doja regarding this style of music both lyrically and sonically.

I really wish Azealia would take all that bipolar energy and focus on her own body of work, but that mouth of hers has burned so many bridges all she can do now is read other musicians on social media.

Now as a longtime music consumer, ever since Doja said she was focusing on proving she was this hardcore MC as if she was in the same class as icons suchn as MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Roxanne Chante or even a Lil Kim, I had to give her the side-eye.

For your next album, if you wanted to showcase your skills on a few cuts, then I don't see that as a problem. But after hearinf Attention, which I did find boring, I need the next "Say So" or "Woman", because this song ain't it.

We'll see how the fans receive her new sound when the time comes for her new album to drop.

Do you agree with Azealia? Check out Doja's new single Attention and sound off in the comments below...

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