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Ben Affleck Trolled Online For Bad 'Plastic Surgery' And 'Unhinged Rant' at Tom Brady Roast

Fans took to social media to drag Ben Affleck after his surprise appearance at Tom Brady's outrageous Netflix Roast asking, 'What's happened to his face?'

The Oscar winner, 51, was criticized for his speech that one fan called “unhinged” on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Viewers also speculated that Affleck got plastic surgery because, according to them, he looked completely different on stage.

During his speech, Affleck went on a strange rant where he called out social media users who criticize Brady, 46.

“Fans have your back. You guys out there talking s – – t, all right, behind your f – – king keyboard, that doesn’t make you a fan. That makes you a bitch,” he said.

Affleck also went off about Brady and other sports players having to read mean comments online despite giving their all on the field.

“I can’t think of a more f – – ked up, dysfunctional, horrible working system designed to perpetually make people feel awful,” he exclaimed to the audience.

After over six minutes into his speech, Affleck admitted that his rant probably wasn’t landing well.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get this chance again. I’m probably never going to work again, actually, after tonight,” he said.

Viewers did not respond kindly to Affleck’s speech on social media.

“Ben Affleck going on an unhinged rant about fans on social media at the Tom Brady roast was not on my bingo card,” one fan wrote on X.

Another user compared the “Argo” star’s speech to a “car crash.”

“Next time get somebody else to do it don’t ever invite Ben Affleck nomo #TomBradyRoast,” a third fan said.

More social media comments accused Ben of undergoing plastic surgery prior to the Netflix special.

“Ben Affleck’s face lift looks insane,” somebody wrote on X.

A different person said, “Ben Affleck couldn’t afford good plastic surgery? No wonder he seems so angry. That’s permanent.”

Affleck, an avid New England Patriots fan, has been close friends with Brady for years.

In 2020, Affleck expressed his disappointment that the quarterback was switching teams in the NFL.

“Watching the Patriots, led by Tom Brady, it’s inspired me personally, and I know so many people,” he said  on “Tiki & Tierney,” via CBS Sports. “Sports means a lot to people. They project a lot onto it. It gets people very emotional, and people really invest. I love Tom Brady as a Patriot, but he’s also a great guy and a great athlete, and I’d root for him if he played somewhere else.”

Earlier this year, Affleck and Brady teamed up to star in a Dunkin’ Donuts ad that aired during the 2024 Super Bowl.

Affleck’s BFF Matt Damon and Affleck’s wife, Jennifer Lopez, also appeared in the humorous commercial.

Meanwhile he's a whole bitch running around like JLo's Uber driver and purse holder, when he's supposed to be her husband.

Every time I see Ben out and about it looks like he needs seven cups of black coffee. That skin was looking dry and tattered, and needed moisturizer. If he is getting plastic surgery, he better hope he doesn't end up looking like Mickey Rourke.

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