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Problem child turned rapper Bhad Bhabie, who some of you may remember as Danielle Bregoli, the bratty teenager who went on Dr. Phil and became infamous off her quote, ‘cash me outside…how bout daaah,’ has revealed that she is heading to rehab.

The 17-year-old has been receiving help at an undisclosed location for a few weeks, and revealed that she is “receiving treatment for a combination of things … childhood trauma, but also substance abuse in the form of prescription pills.”

Word on the street is that Bhabie’s team were well aware that the troubled musician has been dealing with a lot of issues (including blackfishing, threatening to kill actress Skai Jackson, among other things). Her team says she’s doing well so far and they are optimistic about her progress. She could be in there from 30-90 days.

While I’m not a fan of hers, and I can’t stand people being rewarded for not only perpetuating black stereotypes for financial gain, I hope she gets the help she needs that Dr Phil couldn’t provide her on his show years ago, and comes out of rehab a much more level headed person.

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