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With Central Park Karen weaponizing her white privilege by lying to police about being harassed by a black man, four police officers involved in the murder of George Floyd (where one of the officers knelt on his neck for seven minutes), and the Racist In Chief inciting violence against angry protesters, it’s been a tumultuous week for POC.

A laundry list of celebrities from Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Halsey, Cardi B, Billie Eilish, Madonna, and more have been using their privilege and platform to speak out against racial injustice. Unfortunately Heidi Klum, model and co-host of the Amazon Prime series Making The Cut, who was married to singer Seal for seven years, and bore three of his children clearly didn’t get the memo.

Instead of speaking out for black lives, she tweeted the following:

Of course black twitter was pissed (and rightfully so), so they went all the way in on her culturally clueless ass:

Because white women like Heidi treat their Black kids like props to promote a known white supremacist response to #BlackLivesMatter. — Femmefeministe (@Femmefeministe) May 30, 2020
If only you took the amount of time used to create your Halloween costumes, to actually realise why the hashtag is #BlackLivesMatter you would be in a better position than you’re in now. Your post is rather ignorant in tone. — machine gun Kele (@kelechnekoff) May 30, 2020
1) this is fucking gross 2) “all lives matter” isn’t a thing 3) now we know why you didn’t stand up for gabrielle, you fake ass 4) f*ck you 🥰 — maybe: diane (@dianelyssa) May 30, 2020

Since being dragged, Heidi has removed the tweet, and replaced it with Black Lives Matter (posted below). Hopefully this is a teachable moment for her in regards to systemic racism in America, but I hope she doesn’t think that her children have the complexion for protection, because I hate to break it to you – racists don’t care what your occupation is, or who your celebrity parents are. They look at the color of your skin and ask questions later.

In a perfect world all lives do matter. In a perfect world all people should be created equal. But you can’t gloss over the fact that our system is broken and that we have a huge problem with racism in America. So instead of removing an old tweet and replacing it with Black Lives Matter, take this moment to teach your children the realities they will most likely face once on their own in the real world.

spread love no hate ❤️ — Heidi Klum (@heidiklum) May 31, 2020
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