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Blade To Be R Rated Story About Lilith Hunting For The Blood Of The Daywalker's Daughter

Over the years the on again, off again Blade reboot has gone through a series of changes in directors and script rewrites. However a new report from insider DanielRPK now indicates that the film has finally locked its story.

Daniel claims that the MCU movie will feature Mia Goth as the villain Lilith attempting to kidnap Blade’s daughter to create an army of immortal Daywalkers. Lilith is also rumored to wield the Ebony Blade despite Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman (who later becomes Black Knight and wields the same weapon) seemingly not being involved in the project.

It’s certainly interesting to center the Blade reboot on his daughter, Brielle Brooks, given the character only debuted in the comics in 2022. If this rumor is to be believed, it seems the MCU is taking an entirely unique approach with Blade. While a gamble, talents like Mahershala Ali and Mia Goth as Blade and Lilith should make this film a home run.

Yann Demange, known for directing White Boy Rick and ’71is at the helm of Marvel’s Blade movie, with a script penned by Michael Green, who wrote Logan. Bassam Tariq was initially set to direct but had to step down due to scheduling conflicts.

The original cast of Blade included Delroy Lindo, Aaron Pierre, and Milan Ray, but it’s uncertain if they’re still attached to the project since it was supposed to begin production in November 2022 before undergoing a creative overhaul.

Blade is being produced by Marvel Studios veterans Kevin Feige, Louis D’Esposito and Eric Hauserman Carroll, with Bassam Tariq receiving an executive producer credit despite leaving the director’s chair. The movie is currently scheduled to hit theaters on November 7, 2025.

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As someone who loves vampire movies, and loved the first two Blade movies with Wesley Snipes I just want the MCU to get this film right, especially after coming off of a wonky phase 4.

So please don't let us down with this Blade reboot. Mahershala isn't getting any younger, and it's been far too long that we've gotten a cool vampire movie on the big screen.

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