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On Saturday, RuPaul’s Drag Race alums Bob the Drag Queen and Peppermint sat down for an hour long chat, and the queens discussed everything from Black Lives Matter to calling out celebrities who have decided to stay silent about racism.

During the conversation, Bob also brought up that he has spoken with a few of the queens from the Drag Race, who told him in private that they are afraid to post #BlackLivesMatter, out of fear of alienating their fan base.

Here’s what he told them:

“We don’t have time for you to evolve, and find your voice, and write a poem, and do a photoshoot,” he said in the video. In response to one queen who allegedly said she was afraid of being “cancelled,” Bob said he responded by saying, “‘You’re not cancelled. You know who’s cancelled? George Floyd is cancelled, and he’s never uncancelled. That’s what cancelled is.'”

This probably explains why a lot of the queens stay quiet when their racist fans go after black competitors on the show with nasty slurs in their Instagram comments.

Peppermint agreed, adding on that while she understands the urge to say nothing, that urge comes from a place of deep privilege. “It’s human to be afraid of what the reaction’s going to be,” she says. “How you feel, being scared about saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ … what it does is highlight that you can thrive and live and make money, and you never have to talk about people being killed. That is the definition of whatever kind of privilege you want to talk about.”

Bob adding that he has a message for those who are choosing to stay silent on social media about the protests and the movement at large:”That is your right to do so, but b—h when I tell you that I will never forget that for the rest of my life, just know that I will never forget that.”

While protests escalate and spring up across the country, Peppermint made a final plea to those standing on the sidelines.

“All I’m asking is: can you help us? Living in that world where you can just not engage and still interact with the culture, in a way that you’re picking and choosing, it shows a sense of callous.”

I couldn’t agree more with Peppermint and Bob. Please, if you have a moment take an hour of your time to check out their full conversation below…

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