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We’re just two weeks away from Brandy releasing her highly-anticipated seventh album, and the vocal powerhouse has unleashed the full track list for B7.

Here’s what she told Zane Lowe recently about her approach to her latest body of work:

“I wanted to approach this project like if this was my last chance, if this was my last shot at creating music, what would this project be about? What would it sound like? Would I just bare it all? Would I tell my story as deep as I could tell it?” she ponders. “And I wanted to, of course, stay true to R&B but at the same time go outside of the box. So I wanted to work with someone that could understand that and that’s why I was able to connect and have that chemistry with DJ Camper… and then also with LeShawn Daniels who I’ve worked with for many, many years, who’s no longer with us.”

As a huge Brandy fan, I’m excited for her new album. The mainstream music industry may have turned their back on her, but with her loyal fan base, she doesn’t need to be enslaved by the chains of a major label to get her point across, a side of herself I’ve wanted to see for a long time.

Rather Be, the next single from B7 is set to drop on July 24.

Check out the full track list below…

Brandy’s B7 tracklist:

1. Saving All My Love

2. Unconditional Oceans

3. Rather Be

4. All My Life, Pt. 1

5. Lucid Dreams

6. Borderline

7. No Tomorrow

8. Say Something

9. All My Life, Pt. 2

10. I am More

11. High Heels (Brandy & Sy’rai)

12. Baby Mama (feat. Chance the Rapper)

13. All My Life

14. Love Again (Brandy & Daniel Caesar)

15. Bye Bipolar

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