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Britney Spears Insinuates That She Has Quit The Music Business

While revealing that her favorite song is Get Naked (I've Got A Plan) off her iconic Blackout album, Britney Spears seemingly suggests that she's quit the business.

via: Uproxx

Once again, Britney Spears has picked a new favorite song from her catalog. She made that reveal in a now-deleted Instagram post (as Billboard notes), but more importantly, she may have revealed that she’s officially done with music and has “quit the business.”

Earlier this year, Spears said that her favorite song of hers was “The Hook Up” from her 2003 album, In The Zone. Yesterday (June 6), though, she took to Instagram and shared a post featuring her dancing to “Get Naked (I’ve Got A Plan)” from her 2007 album, Blackout.

“This is a repost from Maui last year!!! I know it’s not that great BUT the song is my favorite song I’ve ever done!!!,” she said in the caption of her post.

Around the time of the album’s release, Spears was under a conservatorship, from which she was not released until 2021. Elsewhere in the post, she hinted that the conservatorship may have prevented her from fully enjoying the album cut.

“I guess it was all those rules you know!!!” she said. “Guess all those rules and not having a voice for 13 years in what I wanted gave a lot of people a thrill ride!!! Oh well!!!”

While Blackout was one of Spears’ most beloved eras, we perhaps shouldn’t expect a follow-up any time soon. “Psss no wonder I quit the business JUST SAYING !!!,” Spears wrote, which could mean she is out of the music business currently, or could refer to her previous time away from music towards the end of her conservatorship, before returning with the Elton John collaboration “Hold Me Closer.”

Since the post has been taken down, I truly believe that she's had a change of heart. I know she still feels that she has no voice due to the conservatorship, but now that she's free of those shackles, doing music, a tour and the upcoming memoir on her terms is where she can take her power back.

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