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Britney Spears Throws Venetian Blind Shade At Sister Jamie Lynn In Since-Deleted Video

Britney Spears called her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, a 'b***h' in a since-deleted video that had been uploaded to her Instagram stories on Tuesday.

In since-deleted Instagram videos from Tuesday, the “Toxic” songstress showed herself driving up a mountain with her assistant and a few others as she ranted about her “little bitch” sister.

“My sister [went on the TV show “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!”] and they bathed her in the jungle, little s–t,” the Grammy winner, who was on her way to go horseback riding with her posse, noted.

“She said, ‘Bathe me because I’m stuck in the jungle and I miss my kids — cater to me.’ Little bitch.”

Britney, 42, went on to allude that she was stronger than Jamie, 33, by saying that she’d be “peeing in the bushes” as others warned her to be careful and not get a “vagina rash.”

Imagining the scenario, she said, “‘Don’t do that Britney, you’re going to get hurt. You’re going to get a baby booty rash. I’ve got to go get ointment for her booty.’”

The “Toxic” hitmaker also wrote over the video, “I wanna be a little bitch and get a bath in the jungle like my sis.”

Britney deleted the video shortly after posting it, but her fans were quick to reshare the bizarre rant on social media.

Jamie, who appeared on Season 23 of the show in November 2023, was infamously offered a bath by her castmates after crying about how much she missed her two kids: Maddie, 15, and Ivey, 5.

A fan clip posted to X showed the “Zoey 101” star lounging in a bathtub in the middle of a jungle as her pals serenaded her.

The Nickelodeon alum quit the show within 10 days of filming due to a medical issue, though an insider at ITV previously told Page Six she didn’t like being questioned about her relationship with her older sister.

Reps for the star did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment.

Regardless of how some of us may feel about Britney, I wish she would stand on business instead of constantly posting then deleting pics, posts, videos and her social media.

I also feel that if Jamie Lynn is notorious for saying shady things and gaslighting her sister, then Britney has every right to feel how she feels. They say blood is thicker than water, but unfortunately, blood don't always make you family.

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