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Celine Dion Fans Protest Outside Rolling Stone HQ After Snubbing Her From 200 Greatest Singer's List

If there's one thing we can say about Celine Dion fans, it's that they don't take clueless industry gatekeepers trying to dicatate who is and isn't a greatest singer lightly, especially when you don't even include one of the greatest singers alive on the list.

With fans debating whether the outlet got it right, many Celine Dione supporters were offended that the Canadian singer was nowhere to be found on the list.

According to TMZ, her fans took their frustration to Rolling Stone’s headquarters on Friday and protested the snub with picket signs in hand.

Singing outside the building and shouting “Rolling Stone is stoned,” Dione’s fans were eventually met with Steven Pearl, who works at the magazine as an editor. He went on to hear them out and also explained the creative process behind the list.

Featuring singers Tina Turner, Minnie Riperton, Aaliyah, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, and more, the list received its fair share of backlash since dropping online earlier this week.

Dragging the magazine for not including the “My Heart Will Go On” singer, one user later wrote in defense of Dione on Twitter, “What do you mean Celine [Dione] is not on the rolling stone list???”

“Rolling Stone omitting the Céline Dion from its list of the greatest singers of all time is a crime against humanity,” another fan tweeted.

Further questioning the list, a user also penned on Twitter, “Rihanna should not even be on that Rolling Stones list of Greatest Singers. But for her to also be ahead of Michael Jackson, Usher, Anita Baker, and Patti Labelle… then Celine Dion is not even on the list? I would like criminal charges brought against the entire company.”

Another added, “Oh so the rolling stone’s released an all time greatest singers list? Anyway here’s Celine [Dione] absolutely knocking out a key change while singing all by myself.”

You know Rolling Stone is low-key living for all this press, when quiet as it's kept no one's read a Rolling Stone article since the 2010's.

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