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Christian Keyes Appears to Confirm That Tyler Perry Was Not the Hollywood ‘Powerful Man’ Who Harassed Him

Shortly after Tlyer Perry's name began to trend after Christian Keyes alluded to a billionaire movie exec sexually harassing him, the singer-actor-producer attempted to clear Perry's name.

As previously reported, the 48-year-old TV actor opened up in a recent livestream about experiencing sexual harassment throughout his career since 2005. Without mentioning a name in the live video, Christian Keyes hinted that a Black male Hollywood executive has been harassing him for years.

At the beginning of the live, he stated:

“I want to have these discussions. I want to be transparent with y’all about that. I’ve done my best to forgive this person but it happens…it’s not just women that have to deal with it but it’s also men sometimes, and it’ll be men tempting men.”

Christian Keyes admitted that he began secretly recording the inappropriate encounters once the harassment started and plans to take the evidence to the police. The actor/model also alleged that the “powerful” person in question offered him money to take off his clothes and detailed the moment when the man attempted to get in bed with him. Keyes said the person told him:

“I don’t want to touch you, I just want to see you naked.”

As far as Keyes’ response to the gesture, he explained:

“I declined… I was broke as f*ck. I am telling you, I would have loved that 100 grand, but I wasn’t going to sell my soul.”

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