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Dancing With The Stars Returning To ABC After One Season At Disney+

Since today (Tuesday) officially kicks off the WGA (Writer's Guild of America) strike, and networks will soon be scrambling for scripted fare, Dancing With The Stars is leaving Disney+ and heading back to ABC.

via Vulture:

The unexpected move ends a one-year experiment that saw the beloved reality competition rebranded as a Disney+ exclusive,boosting the streamer but denying the Alphabet network one of its more reliable performers. Now, however, Disney brass have decided it makes sense to meet audiences wherever they are: For its 32nd cycle, DWTS will once again air live on the ABC network while also continuing to stream live on Disney+.

It’s a major about-face from Disney, which just one year ago made the case that DWTS needed to be a streaming exclusive in order to convince its audience to sign up for D+ and to increase weekly usage of the platform. But that was a philosophy dictated by execs at the now-defunct Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution (DMED) division, most of whom have been pushed out of the company in the months since Robert Iger returned as Disney CEO late last year. The creative leads at various Disney business units are once again calling the shots on how content gets distributed, and those suits have spoken: DWTS belongs on ABC. But because the show likely picked up some new streaming viewers last season, retaining a live feed on Disney+ should allow for a smooth transition of consumers.

Those who watched on D+ last fall will still be able to do so next season, while folks cut off from their cha-cha-cha fix will once again be able to watch on ABC. In addition, episodes will be available to stream on-demand on Disney+ and next-day on Hulu (like all ABC content). All three platforms — ABC, Disney+, and Hulu — are expected to be included in the show’s branding.

While ABC and Disney have yet to officially confirm their new plan, an announcement is expected soon. The move comes two weeks before Disney meets with advertisers to unveil its 2023–24 content slate. Having DWTSback on ABC gives the network more premium-ad inventory to sell in the up-front marketplace, and for Disney, it’s also another way of monetizing the show (it was essentially a loss leader on D+). What’s not clear yet is whether the Disney+ livestream of DWTS will carry the same advertiser inventory as that of the ABC version, or any ads at all. The show ran without commercials last season because at the time, D+ didn’t carry ads. Since then, however, D+ has introduced a lower-priced ad tier.

Back in March, it was reported that Tyra Banks is exiting as host of DWTS to focus on her businesses.

I never understood why they took DWTS off ABC in the first place. The demographic (baby boomers and some of Gen X) weren't planning on going to a streaming service to watch their favorite TV show.

I also think it's time to bring back actual stars instead of casting TikTok influencers.

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