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Dannii Minogue To Host Gay Dating Reality Show I Kissed A Boy

Kylie Minogue's younger sister Dannii Minogue has a new gig. She'll be hosting the UK's first gay exclusive reality dating show I Kissed A Boy.

The series, which will be set in Italy will feature 10 guys entering a villa looking for love… but before talking, flirting, or doing anything else, the contestants will have to first kiss their potential mates to see if they're compatible.

Here's what Minogue wrote in a tweet:

“In a picture-perfect Masseria in Italy... it all starts with a kiss for 10 boys in their search for love. I Kissed a Boy is the UK’s first-ever gay dating show, and it was a pleasure for me to be there to help these guys in their search for love.”

We've had a series of gay-centric dating shows over the years, with Finding Prince Charming and 24 Hours of Love, but after seeing For The Love of DILFs (which just ended it's excellent first season on OUTtv), I'm definitely looking forward to seeing I Kissed A Boy (I'm hoping a US network will import the show).

In the meantime, the series is scheduled to air on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer later this year.

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