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Ebro Calls Out Drake For Always Remaining Silent On Black Issues

Radio and TV personality Ebro Darden didn't hold back when addressing Drake for always remining silent when it comes to addressing issues that plague the black community.

via: Vibe

The discussion began as a result of the 6 God throwing shade at Childish Gambino’s 2018 hit “This Is America” during the It’s All A Blur Tour by showing “The Overrated And Over-Awarded Hit Song ‘This Is America’ Was Originally A Drake Diss Record” on a ticker during one part of the show. His vitriol for the record stemmed from Donald Glover revealing the track was originally a “joke diss” toward the Toronto rapper during an April interview with GQ.

“Drake, who has never shown up, and y’all know I’m the biggest Drake fan on this show,” Darden said to begin his rant during the Wednesday (July 12) episode of Rap Life Review. “Drake has never shown up to have anything to say about anything going on in society with Black folks or anything other than himself. So now you have an issue — I get you have an issue with Childish Gambino… but fam, the song was supposed to be a joke diss, it didn’t actually happen. So why you in your feelings?”

Social media users and other outlets caught wind of Ebro Darden’s comments and immediately began to share their thoughts on the matter. Many people asserted that they do not care for Drake to speak up on serious issues within the Black community, especially when there are already rappers like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole who do so.

One user went back into the Hot 97 host’s Instagram archives and posted a screenshot of him resharing a statement from the Her Loss rapper following Alton Sterling’s tragic death in 2016. Another user, The Ringer’s Charles Holmes, offered a humorous retort: “imagine wanting the creator of ‘passionfruit’ to be your lil revolutionary lmfao.”

Uproxx’s Wongo Okon addressed that “This Is America” may not be all that people claim it is in terms of social commentary. “I feel like it gets left out that Drake only said what he said because Gambino said the song originally started as a Drake diss,” he wrote. “Also, read them This Is America lyrics [crying laughing emoji] Gambino didn’t say anything significant.”

Check out some of the reactions to Ebro’s comments below.

Drake is currently in the midst of the New York leg of the It’s All A Blur Tour. He hit the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY on Monday (July 17) and had special company in the form of Steph Curry, Steph’s wife Ayesha Curry, and Steph’s mother Sonya Curry. Check out the “Search & Rescue” rapper shouting out the four-time NBA Champion below.

I agree with everything Ebro and his fellow panelists said in the clip. I don't think anyone is saying that Drake has to all of a sudden turn into Aubrey Luther King, put a kufi on his head and throw up a black fist every chance he gets.

Drake is not a hip hop artist in the vein of a J Cole, Common or Kendrick Lamar, so I don't expect him to start becoming a conscious rapper and including social commentary into his music.

However, when you have a Canadian rapper dismissing a song like This Is America by calling it overrated and over-awarded, especially when the song was about addressing the social injustices affecting black people in Amerikkka, that becomes a problem, and Drake should be called out on his ignorance.

Drake cannot deny that he has wholeheartedly benefited from the very culture used to uplift an otherwise oppressed community.

Check out the full episode below.

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