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Elliot Page Says He Doesn't Take It Personal If People Misgender Him

While appearing at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) to promote his latest film Close To You, in the film Elliot Page plays Sam, a trans male who visits his family for the first time since transitioning.

The film also reflects on the experiences Page, 36, has gone through since coming out as trans in 2020. The actor has been very open about the highs and lows of their gender journey, and has found a great community of trans friends since their own transition.

Page even has a topless scene in the film, which the actor revealed was quite "liberating" to film.

In an interview with Variety, Elliot opened up about how he feels whenever someone misgenders him.

“In those situations, I know the intent of people close to me in my life who are wanting to get it right. If someone misgenders me, I don’t take it personally,” he shared.

“When someone does go to apologise, it’s great. But let’s move on to the next moment in our interaction. Let’s move on before it turns into a bigger thing and becomes about the person who did the misgendering and turns into this whole other energy.

“These things take a second. It’s all good.”

I absolutely agree with Elliot on this. At the end of the day people mean well, so let's give those close to you the grace to catch up to where your head is at and get used to your proper pronuons. Don't be so quick to bite the person's head off for making a mistake, since we're all human.

Now of someone is deliberately going out of their way to misgender you and is being disrespectful, at that point you can let them know how you feel. Other than that let's give people the benefit of the doubt.

Besides, if you get upset everytime someone misgenders you that's only going to put stress on your heart and your skin.

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