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So in case you’ve all been living under a rock, Willam and Alaska have a popular podcast called Race Chaser where they discuss pop culture and dissect every episode of Drag Race.

So during a recent episode when discussing the RuUnion, Alaska and Willam gave their thoughts on Ru’s horrendous pajama look and also gave their thoughts on Ru not addressing Sherry Pie‘s absence from the show (she was disqualified after a few men came forward with allegations that they were sexually harassed and catfished by a casting director pseudonym Sherry made up named Allison Mossey).

So now fans of the show are upset with the hosts for not editing Sherry from their conversation like VH1 tried to edit her out of the show. Here’s what a fan named Emily said:

“Seems like the dolls are living for Sherry Pie and making it known. It triggers me to hear her getting praise and makes me wonder why Race Chaser is even acknowledging her.”

Willam and Alaska did reply back with the following: “We’re not going to pretend she doesn’t exist in the Drag Race realm because she does.”

Unlike RuPaul, I don’t understand why the show thought by not addressing the big 60 going on 30-year-old drag queen that wasn’t in the Zoom room known as Sherry Pie wasn’t going to leave people wondering why they’re refusing to acknowledge that she was on the show.

I’m not condoning what Sherry did – she deserves all the repercussions that she’s receiving right now. As much as they tried to edit her out of the show, she did compete on season 12. To not acknowledge that doesn’t deal with the issue at hand (which, quiet as it’s kept is something Drag Race has become quite good at since their fan base started to grow once they moved from Logo to VH1).

I can’t speak for everyone, but when I tuned in to the RuUnion I wanted for them to address the allegations, and how the queens competing were affected by the dark controversial cloud that hovered over this season. Ru didn’t hesitate back in the day when he read Phi Phi for not showing up to the All Stars 2 reunion, so why so mum now, sis?

If others in media are willing to ask the questions corporate queen RuPaul is afraid to ask, we shouldn’t hold that against them. In media we can be respectful, but we also have to be brave enough to address the big elephants in the room mainstream society tends to shy away from. Once we deal with the drama (be it Sherry Pie, the shows issues with racism and transphobia) is when we can truly heal and move on.

Check out the full episode of Race Chaser below…

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