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Fat Joe Questions Growing Femininity In Hip Hop: 'In My Era We Wouldn't Have Seen That'

Fat Joe hopped on his livestream to talk to his fans about rappers embracing their femininity.

During an Instagram Live stream on Friday (April 26), Joey Crack made it clear that his criticism does not pertain to people who are actually gay, but those who identify as straight but still paint their nails and wear dresses.

“Listen, guys, don’t misplace my words for the LBGT,” he began. “If you’re gay and you love to be gay, that’s your shit. That don’t got nothing to do with me. I got a best friend, a brother who’s gay. I don’t give a fuck. But this femininity — this thing that’s going on in boxing — you know the shit we see and he’s saying he’s a girl. Come on man. You fucking around!

“I just wonder, right, because we’ve come a long way accepting everybody for who they are, and everybody should be accepted for who they are or what they wanna be in life. That’s not our business … but I wonder if in the 90s — the golden era — where we had real, hardcore crews … It seems like a trend.

“I mean being gay has been around since before Christ. It’s always been there. People are born like that. Cool. I don’t have a problem with that, but it seems like a trend, like a style. So you got guys who I don’t think they’re gay but they’re painting their nails or they walking with Birkin bags. Unfortunately, it’s sad to have originators and then you have a lot of running with the swag or running with the style.”

Before acknowledging that Prince did it (thought he wasn’t a rapper), the 53-year-old said: “It feels like it’s been a new trend, new swag, a new style. Paint your nails, use a bag, wear a dress. I wonder if in my era, if it would be accepted like that if it was a trend. It would blow my mind to see what rapper would do that. I’m just saying, in my era, I don’t think we would have seen that.”

Fat Joe often speaks his mind on his weekly Instagram Live streams. During one such session, he said that the Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef may be running out of steam, and that he’s doubtful K.Dot will fire back.

Last week, he weighed in on the situation that has captivated the Hip Hop community for a month now.

“Hip Hop beef can go real bad,” he said. “I don’t think Kendrick’s cooking up … I think that’s over. It don’t take three or four weeks [to record a response].”

Another thing the Terror Squad boss discussed during the stream was the fact that 2Pac’s estate threatened legal action against Drake for his use of the rapper’s voice in his Kendrick-dissing “Taylor Made Freestyle.”

“[T]he 2Pac family wanna sue Drake,” he said. “I thought it was creative — using the AI 2Pac and pushing the envelope — but I got no horse in this game. I wish they would all get along.”

I could sit here and give an entire thesis on his assessment, but I 'll save my thoughts for the next episode of my Kris Avalon Unfiltered podcast, which you can subscribe to here.

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