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While so many shows have been affected by the wrath of Miss Rona, including the final planned episodes of Law & Order: SVU, the season finale of The Walking Dead ( the latter which was shot, but post production wasn’t done in time), and too many shows to mention, at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Variety is reporting that Supernatural, which was supposed to wrap up this spring after a 15-season run has now been postponed until Fall, 2020. Once they get the go-ahead, the cast and crew will give the series it’s proper send-off next season. So now what I’m wondering is, is Netflix planning on holding off on putting the current season of Supernatural on their streaming service until the series finale?

Since the major networks have no shows on the roster, they’ve been scrambling for content, by acquiring a roster of shows that have already aired on other networks as well as unscripted shows.

Masters of Illusion, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Penn & Teller: Fool Us and World’s Funniest Animals are set to premiere on the CW, and are now being joined by Swamp Thing, Tell Me a Story, Coroner, and Dead Pixels, all of which was acquired earlier this week.

Except for Supernatural, all of the CW shows will be premiering in January, 2021, such as Walker, a Walker, Texas Ranger reboot starring Supernatural vet Jared Padalecki.  Superman & Lois, which is set to take over the time slot vacated by Arrow on Tuesdays after The FlashAll American and Black Lightning will remain in their Monday slots, Riverdale and Nancy Drew will be staying put on Wednesday and Charmed is moving to Sunday to take over Supergirl, which will now premiere mid-season.

Speaking of mid-season shows, Legends of TomorrowDynasty, In the Dark and Roswell, New Mexico will premiere in the Spring, as well as new shows The Republic of Sarah and Kung Fu. No word if the Lucy Hale-starring Riverdale spin-off Katy Keene will be back for a second season, but knowing how The CW has a hard time canceling anything on their channel, I’m sure it will be renewed.

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