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Here is your first look at Canada’s Drag Race, the Canadian spin-off of the hugely popular reality competition series, which features Drag Race season 11 alum Brooke Lynn Hytes, actor Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and international supermodel Stacey McKenzie. This is also a historical moment for Canadian native Hytes, who is the first queen to compete on Drag Race to sit on a panel as a judge, so with her representing Canada last season, she’s definitely got a huge weight sitting on her shoulders.

“When you get on Drag Race, the clock is ticking,” Hytes told Entertainment Weekly in an interview. “You’re given 15 minutes of fame and you have to do something with it or not, it’s up to you to figure out how you’re going to make this last for yourself and turn it into a huge career.” So, in 2019 when she was visiting the World of Wonder offices (with her season 11 sister Silky Nutmeg Ganache), she told the employees there that she dreamed of hosting a Canadian version. And while official releases have yet to call her the host exactly, she’s pretty freaking close! Apparently, we aren’t set to see an all-powerful Ru-esque host.

“We’re all RuPaul, put together,” Hytes said. “Not one of us has all the power. It’s a team effort. We all take turns sharing duties, and we all make decisions together!” For superfans, this seems like an extension of Drag Race Thailand which has two co-hosts as opposed to one Ru. 

McKenzie, Hytes and Bowyer-Chapman

“Canada’s got it going on. We’re a sleeping beauty, and we’re waking up. Everybody is going to be like ‘Oh s—, you’re here!’ We’re the quiet storm,” McKenzie says of the show’s soon-to-be-revealed cast of competing queens, who will receive further tips and guidance from resident “Squirrel Friend” and TV personality Traci Melchor. “I can’t wait for the world to see the next Drag Race. It’s unapologetically Canadian!” Bowyer-Chapman also promised a wide range of contestants, from campy queens to artistic queens.

I actually like the show being a collaborative effort instead of the decision being left up to one person. And speaking of which, what’s going on with season 3 f Drag Race Thailand. Canada’s Drag Race is set to premiere this summer in Canada on Crave, and around the world later on the WOW Presents Plus subscription streaming network).

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