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The Boulet Brothers have revealed the official cast for Dragula: Resurrection, and might I say I’m beyond excited.

The special episode will pit the ladies against each other in an unprecedented, ghoulish pageant filmed over two months earlier this year, with strict quarantine measures in place to protect both the cast and crew from the coronavirus pandemic while still satisfying the macabre series’ core aesthetic tenets: fierce drag, filth, horror, and glamour.

“It was half genius, half insanity,” Swanthula says of the unprecedented shoot, which saw the five-person crew traveling to the contestants’ hometowns to film them in self-styled-and-designed performative vignettes in pursuit of the prize — all strung together by the series’ signature scripted (and terrifying) cinematic shorts starring the Boulets.

“Those circumstances are reflected in some of the footage. It’s going to be a bit of a time capsule when we look back at this in a year or two or more, you’ll see the way America was affected coast to coast, in the four corners of the country.”

The seven and a half all-star queens coming back from the dead include Frankie Doom (season 1), Loris (season 1), Kendra Onixxx (season 2), Dahli (season 2), Victoria Elizabeth Black (season 2), Priscilla Chambers (season 3), and Saint (formerly St. Lucia, of season 3).

The queens will Duke it out once more for a chance of winning $20,000 and the opportunity to appear in season 4.

Dragula: Resurrection will be available to view on October 20 exclusively on Shudder.

Dragula has had many online homes, but since Shudder is a streaming service for horror movie fans, I hope that if the Resurrection episode does well that future seasons will air on the site.

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