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WeTV is serving the kids a 15 minute first look at their new show, The Ts Madison Experience. The reality series will follow the trans influencer as she navigates from Atlanta to Hollywood in hopes of becoming the first trans mainstream talk show host.

You also get a peak behind the curtain on the team of people, aka her “found family” who help bring Maddie’s vision to life – including Leggra, her manager; Craig, the showrunner; Che Che, her personal assistant; and Oliver, her AV expert. We also get an appearance from the HBIC herself, the one and only Tiffany “New York” Pollard.

What I have always admired about Maddie is that she reminds me so much of myself, in regards of our dreams and aspirations. We are unapologetically ourselves and unfiltered when on the mic. We love entertaining the kids with our brash sense of humor, and we’re trying to change the face of mainstream television on our own terms.

The road may be slowly traveled getting to the finish line, but that tends to always be the case when you’re trying to do things your way without selling your soul in the process.

I definitely felt her pain during the scene when she was filming her hit internet show The Queens Supreme Court, and the system crashed. Anyone who does a live show knows what a nightmare that can be, and the plethora of thoughts that go through your mind when things are out of your control.

Be sure to catch The Ts Madison Experience beginning March

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