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Glamorous Canceled After One Season

Netflix has canceled queer series Glamorous after one season. The streamer also canceled Shadow and Bone, Agent Elvis, Captain Fall and Farzar.

via: THR

The cancellations come as Netflix, along with other outlets, considers what it has in its pipeline and how potentially long layoffs between seasons for its series might impact performance. Production on a number of series is restarting in the weeks after the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike (and writers have been at work since late September, following the end of their labor action), but it’s unlikely any of the five canceled shows would have made it back onto Netflix screens before late in 2024 (if not 2025).

Shadow and Bone is based on Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse novels. After a strong debut for its first season in 2021, the fantasy series earned a relatively quick renewal. Season two debuted in March and didn’t show much growth (at least in the United States), based on the time it spent in Nielsen’s streaming rankings. It finished among the top 10 original series for four weeks after its premiere, compared to a five-week run during season one (though viewing time was about the same). Netflix also quietly passed on a potential spinoff more than a year ago, though it did release a mobile game in between the series’ two seasons.

Glamorous began its life as a pilot for The CW, which Netflix picked up after three years after the broadcast network passed. The series about a gender nonconforming man (Miss Benny) who goes to work for a cosmetics mogul (Kim Cattrall) premiered in June and didn’t make much of a dent in terms of viewing; it spent two weeks on Netflix’s internal top 10 list of English language series and just one in the Nielsen rankings.

Agent Elvis, featuring Matthew McConaughey as the voice of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, had the highest profile of the three animated shows — although like Captain Fall (released in July) and Farzar (from July 2022), it didn’t break into the streamer’s top 10.

Deadline was the first to report the cancellations.

As much as I try to support queer shows whenever they hit the airwaves, I have to be honest and say it took a while for me to get through the first season of Glamorous. I also felt the writing and acting felt a bit too Afterschool Special-ly to me, and came across like a rip-off of Ugly Betty.

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