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12 years after failed queer network Logo abruptly canceled Noah’s Arc, the gang have reunited once again for a one hour special.

Entitled The Rona Chronicles, we get to catch up with Noah, Wade, Ricky, Chance, Alex, and Trey, and see how they’ve been coping during the current pandemic. There’s also a few surprise cameos, from Wanda Sykes, Titus Burgess, Wilson Cruz, Johnny Sibilly, Laith Ashley and more.

We also got to see what all the actors have been up to via an EW Q&A sponsored by Karamo Brown. Watching the special really made me pine for more black queer representation on 📺, because as quiet as it’s kept if it weren’t for Noah’s Arc, which made history as the first scripted series to center a group of Black gay men, we wouldn’t have shows like Pose, shows created by Lena Waithe, and the countless queer web series all over YouTube .

I sincerely hope we can get Noah’s Arc revival, but the way Viacom has been acting I highly doubt it.

So in case you missed it, check out The Rona Chronicles and the Q&A with Darryl Stephens, Jensen Atwood, Rodney Chester, Doug Spearmen, Christian Vincent, and Gregory Kieth below…

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