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International Drag Race Set to Invade Brazil, Mexico and Germany with New Casting Call

With international seasons from France, Canada and Down Under currently airing on WOW Presents Plus, and the Philippines edition set to premiere next week, Mama Ru and the producers of Drag Race aren't done taking over the mothertuckin' world!

Yesterday a casting APB went out announcing that RuPaul's Drag Race is looking for queens to appear on versions of the show that will appear in Germany, Mexico and Brazil.

Queens interested in applying can head over to

I know Pabllo Vittar has a Brazilian drag show called Queen Stars that aired on HBO Max a few months back, and who knows if it will get a second season.

With Vittar being one of the most successful drag queens without ever having to compete on a drag competition series, I think it would behoove World of Wonder producers to lock her in as either a host or a judge of the Brazilian version.

As for Germany, model turned TV personality Heidi Klum launched a show called Queen of Drags back in 2019, so it looks like German TV is about to get some competition.

Since Drag Race has been picking former contestants to host their spinoffs, who do you think would would be a good choice to host these international versions?

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