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In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, singer and fellow thirst trapper Jason Derulo announced that he has parted ways with longtime record label Warner Bros. In the Access interview, the singer revealed that he has been with the label since the beginning of his career (it’s been 10 years since the release of his debut album), and has been fighting to get released for quite some time. He also revealed that since he’s no longer attached to WB, he won’t be able to release a sequel to his 2019 EP 2Sides.

“I was on a record label for my entire career and I was trying to get off that label for quite some time. And I was finally able to get released and now I’m at a home where I’m comfortable and where I think my music can flourish. We’re all on the same page creatively. So, there will not be another “side” to that album. But it’s for the better. I feel excited to release the music I have. I have so much great material that’s just waiting.”

While Jason is quite attractive, clearly spends a lot of time in the gym, and has given us quite a few moderately successful bops over the years (‘In My Head,’ ‘Talk Dirty,’ ‘Want To Want Me,’ ‘It Girl.’ and ‘Swalla‘), Jason has never been someone who I have paid that much attention to musically. In an Usher/Ne-Yo/Chris Brown world at the time, there was way too much competition on the R&B/pop front, and in my opinion Jason got lost in the shuffle. Plus I don’t think his label knew how to market him.

The good news is the 30-year-old has 16 million followers on TikTok, which he can work to his advantage. So at this point in his career, maybe he should follow in the footsteps of people like Kelly Rowland and Brandy, who have a strong fan base and outside management/distribution, but as far as the music goes, have decided to go independent.

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