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Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini Rekindle Their Friendship After 2022 Falling Out Over Ben Affleck Marriage

BFFs back together!

According to an insider, Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez have buried the hatchet after their 2022 falling out due to the pop star’s marriage to Ben Affleck.

The Atlas actress, 54 – who canceled her This Is Me…Live summer tour on Friday in order to spend time with family – had been close to The King Of Queens star, 53, for years until their rumored falling out back in 2022.

According to Page Six, the two stars got into an argument in regards to Jennifer’s impending marriage to Affleck at the time.

Remini had expressed her worries to Lopez, while also reminding her the reason for their first split years earlier: ‘Because he is selfish and is not fully committed as a partner.’

However, following the fight, the On The Floor hitmaker ‘was so mad’ and decided to ‘cut off all ties’ with Leah.

In August 2022, Jennifer and Ben held a lavish wedding ceremony in Georgia – after saying ‘I do’ in Las Vegas one month earlier.

Remini was notably absent from the nuptials, with sources telling TMZ that Leah didn’t make an appearance due to spending time with her daughter, Sofia, who was about to head off to college.

Earlier this week, a source told Page Six that the pair ‘were friends for years’ and explained that Leah, ‘wants to reach out to her, but she can’t just call up and say, “I told you so.”‘

The insider then updated the publication to reveal that Remini reached out to the songstress and added they have also spoken with each other.

Last year in September, RuPaul’s Drag Race star Michelle Visage briefly touched on the topic of Lopez and Remini’s rocky friendship.

During an interview on the Las Culturistas podcast, host and SNL star Bowen Yang asked if Jennifer and Leah were still ‘best buds.’

However, Visage quickly shut down the questioning by simply responding with, ‘No comment,’ subtly hinting that all was not well between the pals.

The pair first met in 2004 while attending a red carpet premiere when Jennifer was dating Marc Anthony. The pair married in June of that year but divorced 10 years later in 2014 – and share twins Max and Emme, 16.

Leah – who tied the knot with Angelo Pagan in 2003 – recalled crossing paths with Jennifer for the first time at the event while previously talking to Entertainment Tonight in 2018.

‘So, we went to the premiere hoping she was gonna be ugly in real life,’ she explained to the outlet.

‘And then, when I was approaching her, I was like, “I hope it’s the lighting. Maybe she just looks good in here,” and as I got closer I was like, “Oh damn, there’s a lot of light right here and she looks really pretty.”‘

‘I even said that! I said, “Why the f**k? Why are you so f***ing pretty?” And she laughed.’

‘Then I was like, “Ugh, I hope she’s dumb,” ya know? I was like, “She could be dumb!” I wanted to find something [wrong with her] and I didn’t…’ Leah added.

And during a past, joint appearance on The View, the pair – who starred in the romantic comedy Second Act – also opened up about their friendship.

‘We’re very close, like sisters are. But in a different way that sisters are,’ Leah shared on the show, per Us Weekly.

Lopez also expressed, ‘We understand each other’s lives. We have similar lives and similar careers, and we understand nuances that other people don’t understand, so that also bonded us.’

Jennifer further labeled the actress as ‘courageous, caring and generous’ while Remini jumped in to say Lopez was ‘loving, warm, fiercely loyal, courageous, brave, true and authentic.’

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