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‘Jersey Shore’ Star Vinny Guadagnino Opens Up About “Almost Exclusively” Dating Black Women

Vinny from Jersey Shore recently expressed his "admiration" for thick Black women.

Guadagnino and the ‘Whoreible Decisions’ hosts combined their podcasts in an episode released about a week ago. The ‘Jersey Shore’ alum hosts ‘Something Went Wrong With Vinny.’

Nearly 13 minutes in, Vinny shared his preference for Black women after one of his co-hosts spoke about dating a Black man. The co-host retold a story about a Black woman who told her Vin was pursuing a date.

“Oh yeah, I almost date exclusively Black women,” he said.

When one of the co-hosts responded, “I thought that was Pauly D,” Vinny replied that they have “similar taste.” The co-host then asked him to specify his preference, saying, “…as in chocolate.” Vin confirmed with a lil’ laugh, “Chocolate, yeah.”

As for WHY he’s into Black women, this is what he said:

“The studies, the rumors are true you know. Once you go Black you know…

When the host shot back, “The Blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice,” Vinny also agreed, saying, “That too, they’re all true; all the studies are true.” 

“I just find them really beautiful and I like thicker, kinda like slim-thicker and sh*t so they more have a probability of having curves than skinny white girls. And then culturally too, like I get along with Black people better than like Latinas or something like that. Cause they have curves too, but like culturally, I don’t know, I’ve always gotten along with Black people more.”

And another thing about ‘Jersey Shore’s Vinny? He likes tall, “avatar” looking women.

Watch Vinny G. triple down on his preference for Black women starting at 12:53. 

At first this could easily be looked at this is fetishization, but as someone who was born and raised in NYC, and grew up around guidos like Vinny, I know a lot of Italian men who love black women.

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