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Joe Budden Clears Up His Beef With Cardi B

Joe Budden took to his podcast to clear the air regarding his beef with rapper Cardi B

Budden has gone on record and expressed remorse for his previous critique of Cardi B and Meg Thee Stallion’s new single “Bongos.”

On the latest episode of Joe Budden Podcast, Budden and his crew agreed that they liked both the video and performance of the upbeat song at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

The former Slaughterhouse MC then clarified that he wasn’t addressing Cardi when he complained about an unnamed individual ignoring the “nine million” nice things he says and only acknowledges when he says something negative.

“I don’t click on things when they can hurt me emotionally,” he said. “Cardi is my girl, so when the headlines is, ‘Cardi B Tears Into Joe Budden’ — come on, man. That hurts. That hurts my heart.

“And I wouldn’t have been saying that directly to Cardi because I fuck with Cardi. I was talking to a few of you other people, but now I have to address the Cardi shit.”

Budden also said he understands why Cardi was upset at his comments about “Bongos” and that “there’s plenty of room for gray area” when two people don’t communicate directly, which is the case with him and Cardi.

“Remember, I said all the top, top, top, top, artists make songs like a science project? That’s what this sounds like,” he said on a previous episode of his podcast.

“This beat is undeniable because it’s already worked. We gonna put two of our biggest women rappers on it, talking they normal shit, but I don’t think this song is gonna work at all.”

He continued: “I hate the song. It’s not better than any of the songs like it. ‘WAP,’ ‘Up,’ it’s not better than Cardi B feature. This is Cardi getting ready to follow-up her debut album… They not gonna spend the money to keep this rolling into the fourth and first quarter.

“The music business is reactionary. They’re gonna wait to see what the research is on this song… This record don’t seem like it has lasting power… There’s nothing in it to make it stay.”

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