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Justin Bieber's Deadbeat Father Posts Homophobic Tweet During Pride Month

Even though no living human being asked Jeremy Bieber his thoughts on Pride Month, he felt the need to take to social media and let us know how he feels about the rainbow coalition.

Jeremy Bieber took to Twitter Wednesday to share a homophobic meme featuring a rainbow flag with the sarcastic caption, “Don’t forget to thank a straight person this month for your existence.”

The since-deleted post came two days after the 48-year-old, who has four children with three women, tweeted that people “need to celebrate families.”

He added Monday, “U know the reason we’re all here! The things this generation glorifies is unbelievable!”

While Justin, 29, has yet to comment on his dad’s anti-LGBTQIA+ posts, social media users slammed Jeremy.

“No one’s thanking flop nepo daddies bye,” one tweeted, with another adding, “You should sit back down real quick.”

Many called out Jeremy for not being as present as Justin’s mom, Pattie Mallette, during the Grammy winner’s early years.

“don’t forget to thank your son cause he’s the reason your electricity hasn’t been shut off yet!” one Twitter user joked.

Similarly, another wrote that they were not “expecting anything else from a grown man who leeches off of his son.”

Despite Jeremy and Justin’s tumultuous relationship over the years, the “Baby” singer has continued to support his dad’s expanding family with Erin Wagner and Chelsey Rebelo.

Justin often shares birthday tributes and photos with his half-siblings: Jazmyn, 15, Jaxon, 13, and Bay, 4.

While the “Peaches” crooner has not explicitly shared his support for the queer community, he did respond to a question about homosexuality in a 2011 Rolling Stone interview.

“It’s everyone’s own decision to do that,” he said at the time — despite sexual orientation not being a person’s choice. “It doesn’t affect me and shouldn’t affect anyone else.”

No shade, but the mothers of Jeremy and Justin should have swallowed. We're well aware that if it weren't for a man and a woman the human specimen wouldn't exist. I don't need some moron with multiple children from multiple women stating the obvious.

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