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Kandy Muse Says She Was Assaulted At Club After Turning Down Man's Unwanted Advances: "Stay Safe"

RuPaul's Drag Race season 13 queen and All Stars 8 finalist Kandy Muse says she was assaulted at a club on Friday night, revealing that the incident involved an intoxicated man who "would not take no for an answer" and violently grabbed her at the venue.

The “RuPaul’s Drag Race” alum posted a video on X showing off the nail marks she says she sustained from the belligerent man.

“Wasn’t going to post about this but might as well tell you babies to stay safe out there,” Muse, 29, wrote. “Last night at the club I was assaulted by a man that was groping me and clinging onto the back of my pants and wouldn’t let go of me even tho I told him to let go of me and NO multiple times.”

“He then got upset I wanted nothing to do with him and proceeded to attack me,” Muse continued. “I’m okay, was a bit shaken up last night — but people need to understand NO IS NO!”

Muse, whose real name is Kevin Candelario, told Entertainment Weekly that she had tried several times to get the intoxicated man off of her.

“I was trying to push him off, telling him multiple times to stop [and to] get off me,” she told the outlet, adding that she didn’t want to name the venue for security reasons.

“After I shoved his arm off my pants, finally, he got upset and grabbed both of my arms and f–king clawed his nails into my skin and was trying to fight me,” she recalled.

Muse later added that the club’s security was “diligent” in handling the man and that she felt safe the following morning but wanted to stress the importance of consent.

“I believe it doesn’t matter how friendly or promiscuous [I am] or how short my shorts are,” the Bronx native said. “It doesn’t matter how attractive you may find it — it doesn’t give anyone the right or green light to just put their hands on anyone.”

Muse said she “felt a bit crazy” following the incident and questioned if she was overreacting before realizing she was feeling “the reason why people are sometimes scared to speak up” in similar situations.

“No is no — it’s consent. I told you get the f–k off me, and you didn’t listen,” she said. “It’s my body. It’s not for you to just touch whenever you want.”

The Post reached out to Muse for comment.

It is unclear if she plans to follow up with law enforcement.

Several of Muse’s fans were quick to respond to the reality TV star’s post.

“Omg I love you sis! Sorry this happened to you,” wrote “Drag Race” Season 12 winner Jaida Essence Hall.

“Unacceptable,” a second person tweeted. “Happy you’re okay sis. Get that security camera footage asap!”

“Something similar happened to me,” a third person posted. “Make sure you file a police report just so it’s on file that it happened.”

Muse’s assault report comes months after a “Drag Race UK” alum was punched in the face at a Liverpool McDonalds.

James Lee Williams, who won the first season of the show in 2019 as The Vivienne, shared that he was the subject of a “barrage of abuse” from another customer at the fast food joint in June 2023.

“What have you come as, an Oompa Loompa,” Alan Whitfield can be heard asking the drag star in security footage, per the BBC.

Williams can be seen holding a handbag while being questioned by Whitfield: “Who are you trying to impress?”

According to Williams, Whitfield continued to badger him by saying, “Look at the state of you” repeatedly until he retorted: “Look at the state of you!”

“I said, ‘Look at the state of your face,’ to which he said, ‘I’ve got skin cancer,’ and then punched me straight in the face,” Williams said.

Whitfield admitted the assault during a hearing last year at the Liverpool Magistrates’ Court, where he argued that his motives stemmed not from homophobia — but rather the comment Williams made about his skin.

The court sided with Williams, finding Whitfield guilty of a hate crime.

This is absolutely insane. Whether it's a drag queen or a regular human being out having a good time at the club, people need to respect boundaries and ask for consent before putting your hands on people.

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