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Keke Palmer Launching Her Own Digital Network Key TV

My virgo sister Keke Palmer stays winning. The singer/actress just announced that she is launching her very own digital network called Key TV, where she tends to aim a spotlight on "a new generation of creators."

“Hi, I’m Lauren Palmer,” says Keke in the video as a double joins her on-screen. “And this is Keke Palmer, the brand I created 20 years ago, all the way back in Illinois with my mom. In those 20 years, I learned how to be a few things.”

“I want to share everything I learned with you, because this is my greatest dream of all,” says Keke while sitting in a director’s chair. “All it takes is one of us to unlock a door to unlock a million doors for each other. I’m so excited to introduce you guys to Key TV, where our stories matter and where we are represented as the keys to the culture.”

No word on exactly what kind of content we can expect from Key TV, but anyone who goes out of their way to build their media empire to give opportunities to others I am here for.

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