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Kelly Clarkson Devastated Divorce Album Flopped

Singer turned daytime talk show host Kelly Clakson is reportedly devastated that her 10th album Chemistry tanked.

After her ugly divorce, Kelly Clarkson poured her heart and soul into a new album, Chemistry, which is why she is devastated that it sold a piddling 53,657 copies, can reveal.

“That Kelly’s album about her divorce is tanking is almost as crushing as the failure of her marriage,” dished a source.

“Kelly is dismayed by the pathetic numbers, especially after she did a ton of press to promote it,” the insider explained. “Having a hit talk show is wonderful, but Kelly considers herself first and foremost a singer. If she had to pick between a TV career and singing, singing would win every time.”

What is particularly galling for the 41-year-old American Idol vet is Chemistry is Clarkson’s most personal record yet, inspired by her ugly 2021 divorce from Brandon Blackstock, 46, the father of her two kids.

“Kelly put everything out there in a raw and honest way,” a pal spilled to the National Enquirer. “This is the most revealing album she has ever made and to find out no one cares is heartbreaking.”

What’s even more infuriating is that fans begged her to put out a cover album. Kelly caught attention by covering other artists’ songs on her talk show.

“Everyone was pushing her to put out an album of cover songs she has performed on her TV show, but she refused. She should have listened to them!” has reached out to Clarkson’s rep for comment.

Clarkson revealed she gave her ex a heads-up about the album, sharing the two had “a little text exchange about it.” She also warned him the whole thing wasn’t just about their brutal divorce.

“I don’t even remember why or how it happened, but I was like, ‘Hey, I didn’t just diminish us down to one (thing).’ You know what I’m saying? It’s all in there, the ride. The beauty is in there, as well. Now, there’s a lot of pain, but that’s what happens, for all of us.”

Clarkson’s record bombing isn’t the only thing she might have to brace herself for.

As exclusively reported, the Because Of You singer’s move to New York City might ignite a costly new custody war with Blackstock.

I absolutely love Kelly Clarkson. Personality-wise she seems like a ball of fun, and can sing her ass off.

However even though her latest album got rave reviews, in the current music climate, I think people want to hear music that's fun and carefree and not wallow in the sadness of an artist working out her man issues through her art.

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