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Singer Kelly Rowland, who is currently spreading the melanin magic that is her new single Coffee recently had a chat with KISS 104 FM, and during the interview revealed that she has signed a distribution deal with Jay-Z’s entertainment conglomerate Roc Nation.

“Roc Nation is my management company,” she revealed. “That’s new. : It’s family and it just happened. It just really happened to work and it’s working out really well so far. My team, I have a great team. It’s not to say I didn’t have a great team before, I had a great team before. You evolve, you move on and that’s really it and Roc Nation is home now.”

She also revealed that she has opted to go the independent route instead of being controlled by a major label: “Yes [I am], for now. There have been really cool calls. At the same time, it’s such a different space and time in music now. I think in my head it’s just navigating it all. I’m definitely independent. It’s something about it that I’m really, really loving and there’s something about it where you’re just like, “Oh I need a little bit more of some budget money to execute some of this.” I always say that dog’on Destiny’s Child set me up because we had visuals. People are like, “You gon’ release a song with no visuals?” Now that I released ‘Coffee’ people are like, “OK, what are we going to get next? What visual are we going to get next?” So I do feel that pressure, but I just want to take it a little easier on myself.”

As for what vibe fans can expect to hear on her new album, she said: “I’m very excited about this album. I’m excited for the fact that the years that it took me to find tempo. …The whole album’s not up-tempo, but I’m excited to share my tempo. I feel like I always had mids and slower records but yeah, I’m ready to dance. Especially when we come out of all this, we need to dance.”

I don’t think people realize how hard it is when you’re an independent artist. The fans have been so spoiled over the years when the major labels spend millions on a music video budget they think they’re going to get the same quality they got back when Kelly was part of DC. If the fans support the music when it comes out, the money will go directly to her, and she can give you the quality music video visuals you all want.

Or better yet, there are some talented filmmakers out here who can give you quality visuals on the cheap. It’s going to be up to Kelly and her team to seek those people out so that they can help execute her vision.

Now as for her new album, I hope we will get more dance music and a few mid tempo tracks, because quite frankly in these dire times you would think musicians would put out happier music to help pull people out of their depression. Everyone could use a little hope right now, so hopefully we’ll get that from Kelly once she’s ready to release her new album.

I’m just excited that singers like Kelly and Brandy have decided to go independent and have stopped allowing major labels to dictate what they should do creatively. I’m just not sure if it was smart of her to sign with Roc Nation. I get you and Beyonce have been friends since before speech replaced sign language, and Roc Nation belongs to her husband, but Jay doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to repping musicians when they sign to Roc. I would have also loved for Kelly to drive in her own lane instead of being in Beyonce’s shadow.

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