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Kid Cudi Shades Christian Rapper's Corny Diss Track Of Lil Nas X

Kid Cudi is coming to Lil Nas X's defense after catching a stray in a Christian rapper’s diss track aimed toward Lil Nas X.

via: Complex

Bryson Gray, a Tennessee rapper previously featured on former President Donald Trump’s #MagaChallenge rap contest, took to his social media to share a track responding to Lil Nas X and his upcoming “Christian era.”

Last week, Lil Nas X shared a teaser of new music with the caption “y’all mind if I enter my christian era ?” and included lyrics such as “"Father, stretch my hands / The lonely road seems to last the longest.”

Gray, who seemingly took offense to Lil Nas X’s supposed turn in direction, blasted the openly gay rapper by calling him a “gay demon” and accused him of “pushing homosexuality” on children

“But the kids ain’t know he was sodomite way back then / He was going school to school, had the crowds packed in / So how you a Christian rapper but don’t call out sin?” raps Gray in the nearly three-minute cypher that accuses rappers of painting their nails for more revenue.

However, Cudi caught a stray in the video when Gray rapped, “Rappers like Kid Cudi / he put on a dress just to make some wealth.” Cudi infamously wore dresses during his performance of “Sad People” on Saturday Night Live performance and then again at the 2021 CFDA Fashion Awards.

Cudi caught wind of the bar and opted to respond to the track on X (formerly known as Twitter) with the "What you saying fuck me for" GIF of 50 Cent before writing, “😭 catchin strays.  God aint have nothing to do w this 🤣”

Nas X also issued his own response to the cypher’s on his X account, writing, “I made one snippet about wanting god to give me hope a few days ago and already like 5 christian rappers have conceptualized, wrote, recorded, and shot music videos in their grandma’s basements for diss songs about me. we really back. 😭😭”

Lil Nas X and Kid Cudi aren’t the only artists Gray took issue with. Cardi B was also criticized on the song for appearing on Baby Shark. British singer Sam Smith was likened to a twin of Satan.

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