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Kim Petras Announces Debut Album Feed The Beast

Grammy award-winning trans pop artist Kim Petras is finally ready to release her full length debut album to the masses, and has set the follow-up to her Slut Pop EP to drop on June 23 via Republic Records/Amigo Records.

Back in 2022 Petras was originally expected to release a collection of new music entitled “Problématique” last year, but scrapped the project after tracks from the album started leaking online.

Her latest single, the Nicki Minaj-featuring “Alone,” which samples Alice DeeJay’s “Better Off Alone,” and “brrr,” which was produced by ILYA, alongside Max Martin and Omar Fedi are set to be included on the upcoming release.

The only thing I'm baffled by is that she's also including Unholy, her collaboration with Sam Smith on the album. The song in my opinion is old hat, and everyone and their mother has the song downloaded on their phones. Why include the song instead of just giving us a collection of new music?

In other Kim Patras news, the singer recently spoke to Miami New Times about Florida Governor Ron DeSatan cracking down on drag queens and transgender youth.

For those of you who aren't aware, Petras was featured on TV at 13 in Cologne, Germany to discuss what it was like to be a trans teen. She ended up fully transitioning at 16, making her the youngest to ever obtain gender reassignment surgery at that age.

"I think it is important to be visible and create inclusive spaces everywhere, especially now," Petras says ahead of the South Florida show. "We really have to come together to protect the most vulnerable people in our communities."

"It's so sad to see trans kids and queer people going through the same things I went through as a kid," she continues. "So many people who aren't trans and could never understand the experience have an opinion about trans people, and I just don't understand why people can be so hateful toward others that are just trying to be happy."

"Everyone should have the right to define and live their own lives," Petras adds. "I'm just grateful for all the people that are speaking out and supporting the community, and that's why nights like this are so important — because we can all come together and enjoy music and feel connected, which transcends any of our differences."

Last night (May 19) Petras performed at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, presented by Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. She is also expected to play the Governor’s Ball on June 9 in New York and she is scheduled to appear as part of the Citi Concert Series for “TODAY” on her album’s release date.



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