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Kimora Lee And Daughters Slam Broke Russell Simmons On Fathers Day, Accuse Him Of Verbal Abuse

Kimora Lee, the ex-wife of Russell Simmons is speaking out for the first time regarding her tumultuous relationship with the mogul, and she along with daughters Ming and Aoki Lee took to social media to put Russell on blast.

The 48-year-old former model accuses Russell, 65, of 'threatening [their] kids' lives' and claims Aoki, 20, has severe panic attacks as a result of his behavior and has been 'placed on emergency medication' every time she speaks to him.

In a shocking footage, Russell appears to angrily berate his daughter who is seen crying and looking distressed on a muted FaceTime call with her dad.

'I'm so sorry to have to do this. But this man has been threatening my kids' lives. I'm hearing so much more now. We won't be bullied, threatened, or afraid. Who [gives a f***],' Kimora wrote Monday, explaining her decision to share the video.

She added: 'No one should live like this. No one's child. This is abuse. Not okay. The threats, not okay. The fear mongering. Not okay.' has reached out to representatives for both Kimora and Russell who have so far been unavailable for comment.

Kimora ended her 11-year marriage to Russell in 2009 citing 'irreconcilable differences.' They also share 23-year-old daughter Ming Lee Simmons.

Simmons (born Perkins) and her second husband Tim Leissner were sued by Russell over allegedly stealing 4M shares of his stocks in 2018.

The Queens-born New Yorker accused them of making a 'fraudulent transfer' of his 50% shares in the energy drink company Celsius to pay Leissner's legal/bail fees totaling $44M.

The 51-year-old ex-Goldman Sachs banker avoided jail time by pleading guilty to criminal conspiracy to commit money laundering for stealing $2.7B from Malaysian wealth fund 1MDB.

Their youngest daughter Aoki is a Harvard University grad, who currently works as an intern for New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

Aoki also shared the muted video of one of her recent FaceTime conversations with Russell where his face was visibly full of rage.

'Dad, I stopped talking to you because you were giving me panic attacks to the point I was placed on emergency medication every time we spoke,' Aoki wrote in a text.

'I cannot have a relationship with you until that stops. No one stops me from talking to you, my health does. I have to put that first. Every time I spoke to you, you would yell and scream about a legal situation that I can't even respond to because I am not involved! I am you child, not your lawyer, your ex-wife - any of it.

'I can do nothing. Yet you yell at me like it's my fault. You were putting so much anger and rage on me every phone call. Cursing, screaming, and god knows what else. I'm sorry but I cannot be the target of that, it's not fair. It got to the point I could not hear your voice without having an anxiety attack. You have to at least respect I'm putting my health and well-being first.'

In texts the ONE Management model shared via Instastory, Russell repeatedly calls Kimora a 'piece of s***' who has 'stolen my money and the love of my kids.'

'She did not steal it. You lost it. Understand? You lost it with your actions,' Aoki defended in her reply.

In another exchange, Summons said 'your mother and Tim [Leissner] took what equals $250 million dollars of my money' and Aoki replied: 'You are being blocked for not respecting my boundaries. I asked you 10 million times to not talk to me about this lawsuit again.'

'It's like talking to a cruel child or something, and no he does not financially support me,' wrote Simmons who claimed the native New Yorker calls herself, her mother, and her sister 'bi***es.'

'He hasn't given me a dime in years. I haven't had a graduation gift, a birthday gift, so much as a taxi ride in years.'

In a tearful video, Simmons said Russell has 'completely changed' since being accused of over 20 women of sexual assault and misconduct, which led to his life in exile in Bali (due to extradition laws).

Simmons' #MeToo scandal was detailed in Kirby Dick + Amy Ziering's critically-acclaimed documentary On the Record, which premiered in 2020 on HBO Max.

'Some of us do think he's mentally ill or experiencing something like dementia, he really acts like he hates and does not know his children frequently,' Aoki wrote.

'Prior to his media issues, he was really the best dad ever and a great co-parent. He and my mom were best friends. We all defended him against anything, and then he suddenly turned on anyone who will let him lash out. It's a really just terrifying change to watch.'

The vegan yogi - who used to run the meditation/yoga app GDAS - did not comment on his daughter's posts but Instastoried a happy Father's Day message he received from his niece Vanessa Simmons.

Kimora is also mother to two sons - Wolfe, 8; and Gary, 14 - with Tim (whom she hasn't been pictured with since 2019), and she mothered 14-year-old son Kenzo with ex-fiancé, two-time Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou. has reached out to representatives for both Russell and Kimora who have so far been unavailable for comment.

This is an absolute mess, and if Kimora is strapped for cash, Andy Cohen should consider courting her for a future RHOBH season.

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