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Kyle Richards Refuses to Reveal Real Reason for Split from Mauricio Umansky: It’s ‘Nobody’s F—king Business’

During Part 3 of the reunion that aired on March 13, host Andy Cohen asked Kyle a fan-submitted question about why she hasn’t been forthcoming about the reasons behind her and Mauricio’s split.

“It’s nobody’s f–king business,” she asserted after host Andy Cohen asked a fan-submitted question about why the star has not come clean about the reason for their breakup.

At another point during the reunion, though, Richards, 55, touched on her previous statement during the Season 13 finale that alluded to the reason for their separation. In the finale, she said “there were things that happened that made [her] lose [her] trust” in her husband.

“With any marriage there’s issues that you have, and they come up, and then something like I said in my interview happened where I did lose my trust,” she tearfully explained during Wednesday’s episode.

“I care about my family first, and I really did try, and then when I couldn’t, the kind of things that I was, I don’t want to say putting up with, just became more apparent to me, I guess I couldn’t do that anymore and I finally just had a breaking point.”

Page Six confirmed the Bravolebrity and Umansky split in July 2023. In October, the Agency founder said there was still hope for their union by telling Page Six they were “not throwing in the towel.”

However, the hope of piecing back together their crumbled relationship seems to vanish as time passes. Umansky even sat down with their daughters to discuss their separation in a preview clip for Season 2 of Netflix’s “Buying Beverly Hills.”

“I had an amazing 26 years with your mom –– an amazing 26 years. I wanted to do everything possible to just save it,” he said to their emotional daughters.

Since it's none of our business as to why she and her husband are splitting, especially when you get paid millions to spill all your tea on a "reality show," this needs to be vile Kyle's final season as a so-called "Housewife."

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