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Kylie Minogue has a great reason to celebrate. The pop icon’s 15th studio album Disco has debuted at #1 on the UK Album Chart with 54,905 copies sold.

She also made history as the only artist in UK chart history to secure #1 albums for five consecutive decades.

#Lovers … THANK YOU!!! #DISCO has entered the UK album chart at NUMBER 1!!! I am so grateful and overwhelmed. Disco is all yours and I LOVE that it is now in your hands, hearts and worlds!!! @officialcharts — Kylie Minogue (@kylieminogue) November 13, 2020

in other Kylie news, she recently sat down with Elle and revealed her dream pop collaborators:

“Certainly, I’d love to collaborate with more women, because I haven’t done much of that. You could say any of the top girls right now: Dua is definitely having a great time. Lady Gaga. I love Miley [Cyrus]. I admire so many of these women.

There’s been talk about Madonna and I doing a duet for, it feels like, 20 years. If that were to happen, that would be amazing. There’s so many people I would jump at the opportunity to work with.”

Kylie is a class act who celebrates women. I’d love to see her collaborate with all the women she mentioned in the article, but as for Madonna I feel that collaboration ship has sailed.

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