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Lady Gaga In Talks To Play Harley Quinn In Joker 2

The Joker sequel is beginning to take shape.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, pop superstar Lady Gaga is in early talks to play the Joker's demented other half in a musical sequel to the billion dollar Warner Bros. film based on the DC character.

Joker director Todd Phillips has been co-writing the script with Scott Silver, who also co-wrote the original film. Last week, Phillips revealed on social media the title of the new project — Joker: Folie à deuxthe title referencing a medical term for an identical or similar mental disorder that affects two or more individuals, usually members of the same family. And while the same social media post showed Phoenix reading the script, the actor’s involvement is not exactly a legal fait accompli just yet — sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Warners has yet to close a deal with the actor, with the two sides deep into it.

Details on the character are being kept under wraps, but in the comics Joker is known for his on-off abusive relationship with Harley Quinn, his psychiatrist at the mental institution known as Arkham Asylum who falls in love with him and becomes his sidekick and partner in crime. It is unclear whether Phillips and company are using other DC characters or striking on their own, as they did in many instances with their first movie.

Once the deal is finalized, Gaga's Quinn would exist in a different DC universe than Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, who last played the role in 2021’s The Suicide Squad.

Personally speaking, I didn't particularly care for the first Joker movie, and I thought the film came off as a one and done movie. But, of course when a film makes a gazillion dollars at the box office, studios will demand a sequel, which I personally feel is unnecessary.

If there is an interesting idea that Todd and his script partner have come up with to oush the story further I'm down to check it out.

I just feel that the novelty surrounding this film has kind of worn off.

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