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Lana Del Rey Spotted Serving Guests At Waffle House In Alabama

Singer Lana Del Rey wants you to know that even though she's a well known performer, she's not afraid to get her hands dirty in the service industry.

The Young and Beautiful singer was seen pouring coffees and taking orders at a Waffle House in Alabama, has learned, donning their signature blue uniform in newly released photos and a video.

In the eight-second clip, Lana had on a custom name badge and wore her hair up in a clip as she helped patrons. Some locals recognized the powerhouse performer, and she sweetly posed for photographs with eager fans at the restaurant.

It’s already garnered more than 2.5 million views on Twitter, with many praising the Grammy-nominated artist for taking on a pink-collar job despite being a global superstar.

“Lana Del Rey working at Waffle House was not on my 2023 bingo card,” one social media user replied.

“She’s so real for this,” a second echoed. “That would be an interesting job! Wonder how she would fare with the morning rush,” a third replied.

Employment website Indeed said servers take home $14.50 an hour.

Alabama local LaShawn Tuttle claimed the Summertime Sadness singer stopped by the popular food chain in Florence to visit her after the pair met at a thrift store the previous day, claiming Lana was “humble” and a delight to be around.

“Had so much fun with Lana Del Rey, she is so humble, funny and such a good sport!!” LaShawn gushed via Facebook.

Lana previously discussed her passion for music as well as what drives her in a candid interview.

“I’ve been very lucky to follow my muse for the last 18 years, since I was 18,” the classic hitmaker said in 2021 after she was presented with the Decade Award during the December Variety Hitmakers brunch held in Los Angeles. “Sometimes that has taken me super far away from music into other mediums and other job opportunities that have nothing to do with the arts at all.”

“I’m very flexible and what I’ve come to understand is that if you follow what you’re interested in, you’ll end up being the most creative in that field. Even if you get a 9-5 after you got the Decade Award, you need to do what feels right,” she continued. “I always like to say that the way I live my life is my poetry, my lovemaking is my legacy, and I get to make music in between.”

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