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Lil Nas X Slammed Over Gays In Africa Tweet

Lil Nas X is being dragged on social media over a Tweet that could put Ugandan gays in danger.

via: Complex

On Wednesday, the rapper shared a tweet in which he asked about the LGBTQ+ community in the continent. “Where do the gays be in Africa I wanna come there,” he tweeted while in Brazil for a performance.

Some fans called out the timing of the tweet, which came just a day after Uganda’s parliament passed the new anti-LGBTQ+ bill, which outlaws citizens from even identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or queer. The bill, which is set to be signed into law by President Yoweri Museveni, also forbids same-sex intercourse with penalties including life in prison or the death penalty. The United Nations has harshly criticized the bill, while the White House has voiced “grave concerns” about the news.

Comments on Twitter in response to Lil Nas X’s tweet included people telling him to “stay home” over safety concerns,” with some suggesting he “read the room” due to the timing. As TMZ reports, comments on Instagram were similar.

“The gays in Africa are in hiding most the time they not living like this & don’t want you putting a target in their backs,” read one comment.

Lil Nas X has not responded to the backlash as of this writing.

I'm usually here for Nazzie and his trolling, but sometimes you have to think before you tweet.

You can't be that dense to not realize someone tweeting you where the Ugandan gays reside won't end up with them getting thrown in jail or killed.

While we cherish the freedoms in the United States regarding how free the LGBTQ+ community are to express themselves, let's be aware that it isn't as easy for queers living in places run by vicious dictators.

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