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Eight years after it’s release, ARTPOP is finally getting it’s flowers. On April Fools, frequent Gaga collaborator DJ White Shadow revealed that there’s loads of unreleased material in the Interscope vault.

Shortly after he apologized for causing a bit of online hysteria, but the Little Monsters have refused to let it go, hitting up the singer’s label demanding they release said unreleased tracks and call it ARTPOP Act II.

As of this writing, 45,458 people have signed the petition, and even if it gets 50,000 signatures that doesn’t mean that Interscope will honor the wishes of the Little Monsters and give us a sequel to ARTPOP, like WB did with the Justice League Snyder Cut.

ARTPOP had the potential to be a great album, but I think when the signer compared the record to something Mozart would make, and overhyped it, the promotion, visual art, and even some of the songs IMO fell short.

I also feel working with R Kelly didn’t help matters either.

Fast forward to today, let’s now focus on the Chromatica era. While Covid may have affected Gaga’s return to the dance floor, that hasn’t stopped her from pushing out more singles.

Free Woman has been sent to French radio stations with a specific 2021 edit. No word on if Mother Monster will release the single in the US, but the song is also being used in her Dom Perignon visual.

"Free woman" de @ladygaga a été envoyé aux radios françaises ce matin dans une version "2021 edit" de 3,11mn. — Thomas Monnier (@ThomasMonnier27) April 13, 2021

This post can be translated as:

“‘Free woman’ by Lady Gaga was sent to French radio stations this morning in a “2021 edit” version of 3 minutes and 11 seconds.”

There’s also rumors swirling that a Chromatica remix album is in the works, and a possible collaboration with queer pop star Rina Sawayama.

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