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Marlon Wayans Responds To Backlash Over His Alabama Riverboat Comment

Actor Marlon Wayans has been slammed for sharing an Instagram post about the Alabama brawl where he misquoted Jason Aldean's new song and called on the fighters to 'be love not war.'

via: Vibe

Wayans has now responded to backlash received after commenting on the recent Alabama riverboat brawl that took place on Saturday (Aug 5). The comedian insisted that his initial comment was pure “irony and sarcasm,” although many found it to be condemning and misleading.

On Tuesday (Aug. 8), the Fifty Shades of Black actor took to his Instagram with two videos clarifying that his comment was misinterpreted. He also posed the rhetorical question: “Why the f**k would I criticize Black people for defending themselves… I’m Black, the f**k?”

In the first clip, Wayans shared that he woke up Tuesday morning to a bunch of “stupid a** Google alerts from a bunch of stupid a** sites,” misinterpreting his comment. The remark in question read: “How ‘bout we NOT ‘try that in a small town’… Sh*t silly bro… Let’s all just be love NOT war.”

The Wayans Brothers star left his sentiments on a clip of the brawl that broke out on a Montgomery riverboat dock between a group of Black people and white people. With potential racial implications, the fight started when a Black dock worker was allegedly attacked by a white man after asking the man to move his boat.

The fight grew bigger as more white people joined in attacking the Black man, leading other Black bystanders to assist the dock worker. One Black man even swam through the water to help out, as the brawl began to get out off hand.

Wayans, 51, added in another clip, “That’s the thing about social media man, it’s not for interpretation. Ya’ll tripping, it makes no f**king sense, none at all. I shouldn’t even address it, it’s that stupid. But you know, people want to make articles… interpretations. Do it. I don’t care. Black people know I love Black people, I’m Black,” he ended.

His comment section immediately filled with those agreeing with him, and others doubling down on the idea that he was condemning Black people.

“You tried to make it seem like both sides were out of line! Nothing that you posted was in defense of those Black people,” one person wrote under his post. “Don’t try to straddle the fence! Self defense is NEVER silly!”

Wayans barked back, “You f**k off! There was No fence straddled. It’s irony and sarcasm. Next time I’ll spell it out for ignorant f**kheads like you. How’s that? Better? Bet your stupid a** understands this.”

Sorry Marlon, but this isn't the time for you to be channeling Gandhi and asking for peace, when black people have been calmly complying for eons, and they still end up getting killed. We are currently in a culture war that's been ignited by Trump and his ability to gaslight racists in order to feed his insane hunger for attention.

So when politicians can start actually moving the country forward instead of banning books, going after trans people, drag queens, and black people, then we can be all about love.

Let the people have their moment and bask in the glory of a bunch of white bigots getting their comeuppance.

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