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Live from their ATL bedroom, Eva Marcille and her husband Mike Sterling took to IG live to spill the tea with fans on what happened during the Real Housewives of Atlanta , since fans are claiming that co-workers Porsha Williams and NeNe Leakes dragged Eva through the mud with their sassy reads.

And for those RHOA watchers who were coming for Mike for giving his opinion, saying he needs to stay out of women’t business, he was asked a question and answered it. He didn’t just come out of the blue straight up gossiping like a sassy queen working in the hair salon. And it is true that people get on reality TV and allow the fans comments and produced drama to change their attitude for a check. The more you are at the center of the drama, the more money you make and the more opportunities you will get via public appearances.

Porsha really owned this reunion. She read Kenya. She destroyed Eva. She had receipts. She looked gorg! Porsha IS the moment! #RHOA 🍑 — The Real Housewives Polls 💎 (@rhobhpolls) May 11, 2020

I enjoy the show for the drama, and once it’s done I move on with my life because I don’t know these people personally, and I actually don’t revolve my life around produced TV drama. Porsha came off as desperate to save her peach, because besides the boring drama with her baby daddy, she really brought nothing to this season. I will say Porsha drinking Hennessey from a straw at 8am definitely loosened her up to the point that she came ready with the reads, especially towards Eva’s socially-distancing titties. But Eva was correct by saying PJ looks like Dennis with a bow.

The only reason why Porsha would be offended by that comment is because deep down she believes her baby’s father isn’t attractive. Porsha’s biological clock was ticking at the time, so I feel she jumped on Dennis to get a baby out of him not only to make her family happy (since if you’ve ever followed Porsha on the show her mother has always put pressure on her to be a mother and doting wife), but because if she waited any longer her eggs would have ended up powdered.

Even though Eva was pregnant, there wasn’t much she could do in regards of inserting herself into the drama, but the things she did say she did need to own up to. You have to know what you’re signing up for once you join The Real Housewives. I will say that I loved when Kenya brought up what Eva said about nappy heads as being problematic, especially since society makes it seem that unless you have long, flowing locks that you’re basically a menace to society. Then again Eva is a black woman and I feel people were more upset than they needed to be about what Eva said because when it comes to certain situations revolving around black hair and colorism, it’s a sensitive subject, and POC are more concerned about our dirty laundry being aired out in public for non-POC people to become aware of and make comments about.

Anyways, check out what Eva and her husband Mike had to say about the season 12 Reunion below…

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